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A New Goal..A New Plan

I have to remember that this is a journey I am on. There are times when I wonder if I will reach my goal. Sometimes I wonder what my goals really are. Sometimes I wonder if I am on the right path. Then something inspires me, or have and epiphany and it all makes sense again.

This time I realized that I am on a journey to true fitness. I am not just trying to lose weight, although I am enjoying that part of it, but but I am actually growing as a person through all of this.

I am learning new skills, creating new relationships, and learning about myself more and more every day. I learn more about what kind of person I am. What motivates me. What I care about most.

In fact what I care about changes often. For example, I am leaning more about nutrition and supplementation. I am not interested in having a beer with the boys, if you know what I mean. I can’t stand to sit in a smokey bar or restaurant anymore. It literally hurts me.

I am learning how to run. Actually how to run properly. How to pace myself. How to enjoy the time I am spending doing it. I am learning how to strike properly, etc…

This journey is about getting healthy again. That means cleaning up the things in my life that make me unhealthy. My environment, not just recycling, but my home, my car, my office. Looking at the products I use, changing the air filters, etc…

It also means understanding what I put into my body. The food I eat, trying to eat more whole and natural foods. Learning more about nutrition and changing my eating routine.

And of course there is the exercising. Besides running, like taking different classes,and trying different workouts. Kickboxing, MMA conditioning, Spin, Yoga, Cardio Max, etc… By trying different classes and workouts I learn more about me. I learn more about what I like, what tools I have that can help me achieve my goals.

All of this leads to the fact that through all of this exploration and experimentation I am changing my lifestyle forever. I am growing as a person, and will never be the same man I was when I started. So the journey never ends, and there will be many new goals along the way. That’s the point!

Mondays, Sweet Mondays…

Oh how I love Mondays, a fresh new week. An empty canvas of possibility. Will this week be great at work? Will I close more deals? Will I meet interesting people?
Will I lose 3 more pounds? What will this week have for me?
Well, let’s see. Today I did close some deals. I did notice I am down another belt loop. I did not make it to Yoga on time! Ugh!
So, I decided to do Fast Twitch instead. Ii happened to be a lower body focus tonight. Man, these classes will tell you for sure how fit you are not. Within the first 5 minutes my legs were numb, or maybe I wished they were.
I have really been running more, and trying to boost my cardio, and I thought I was doing really well. Until this class. I was dying in the first 5 minutes. But I don’t quit. So I pushed through it, and it was awesome. Afterward I made sure to walk for 15 minutes just to keep from getting super sore tomorrow. Plus I burned another 250 calories in 15 minutes. Then I stretched for 10.
Anyway, this Monday was a good Monday. I feel like the week is already carving itself out to be healthy, enlightening, and profitable.
Mondays, sometimes get a bad rep, don’t they?

Yoga! HOT YOGA!!!

SO if you’ve been following me for awhile, you would know I love yoga. I have a hard time getting there consistently, but I love it.
I have never walked out of a yoga class unhappy or feeling worse than I did when I went in. I am not sure if it is the stretching, or the balance, or the competitiveness with myself to get into poses I have no business being in.
It just feels great!

So yesterday, I went to HOT yoga with my wife. It was awesome in a whole new way. Hot yoga is yoga in a heated room with temperatures between 85-110 degrees.

The heat helps you get deeper into the poses. It also makes you sweat out mass toxins. (I suddenly hated my twenties) I had lot’s of sweat pouring out of me. It was just great.
When I was in one pose, I looked up for a minute and had a few realizations:
1) No one is ever watching anyone else, they are totally absorbed in themselves.
2) No one, except the instructor, can do all of the poses perfectly. Everyone struggles in different ways. That’ s why they say yoga is a journey.
3) It doesn’t mater how you’re built. Lean or fat, tall or short, athletic or not until you try it you’ll never know what poses you are good at and which ones you need to work through.Don’t feel like you have to be petite and athletic, or ripped to do yoga. I am certainly not, and I can do many poses others can’t. Trust me , I have plenty to work too. Sometimes, my size gets in the way, and I physically can’t do certain poses.
Have you ever tried yoga? Thought about it?
Tell my why you go or don’t go. What does yoga do for you?

I would love to get more people to go, but getting them past their own fears about it is hard. I believe deep down, that yoga can easily improve the quality of life for so many, in just a few minutes a day.

What do you think?

Yoga, just do it.

I got up early and met Jake for coffee before heading to an 11AM power yoga class. I really like yoga because I think it is important to stay as flexible as possible to guard against injury when you are training so hard. Besides, I don’t want to end up as one of those big bulky guys with no range of motion, not that there is anything wrong with that but it’s just not what I’m looking for. I also believe in the mind-body connection. Yoga is great at bringing your mind and your body closer. They say that yoga is a journey – nobody wants into a yoga class and can immediately do all the poses and stretches. Each pose has different levels and a story behind it. Therefore, everybody starts someone and as you improve and your body opens up, you can get into deeper, harder, more profound poses.

After yoga, Jake and I went for sushi. I have a very hard time going easy when it comes to sushi as proportions are hard to judge especially when it comes to the buffet… And I.. LOVE… SUSHI.

That was really it as far as working out. The rest of the day we spent meandering through Lenox Square and catching “Law Abiding Citizen,” which was GREAT.