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Pushing through barriers….

Have you ever set a goal? Have you ever had problems achieving that goal?  What did you do to break through it?

In fitness you hear the term plateau thrown around often.  Usually it refers to losing fat or gaining muscle. However, it can also refer to performance.  (No Enzyte necessary, it wouldn’t help here anyway)  Seriously, I have had this problem getting myself to run for longer than 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Part of that is because I hate running, or at least I used to.  The other part is purely mental.

Well, I have broken through that by warming up with a run.  I raise the incline a bit, and push the speed up.  As I am running I remember that I am not afraid to breath heavy.  My heart will not stop (hopefully). And the pain in my legs is subjective. I recite, ” My mind will quite before my body”.  It helps.  I also find anything I can to take my atention away form running.

Before you know it my warm up is done, and I am on to the real workout.  What’s great about that is that now my muscles are really going to get worked.  I start with lunges or squats, or both.  Then I start to incorporate my upper body. I pretty much work legs every day to build stamina. I just don’t focus on them every day.

So the point to all of this is simply this. Do the thing you hate the most, first. Push yourself hard in the beginning to break through that plateau, that glass ceiling. By doing this, you might find out your weakness becomes your strength.

Now, I would love to hear what other people do to break through their glass ceiling.  Are you sicking to your plan this year?  Are you letting life keep you from being successful?  Time is shrinking every day, get to work!