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Pushing through barriers….

Have you ever set a goal? Have you ever had problems achieving that goal?  What did you do to break through it?

In fitness you hear the term plateau thrown around often.  Usually it refers to losing fat or gaining muscle. However, it can also refer to performance.  (No Enzyte necessary, it wouldn’t help here anyway)  Seriously, I have had this problem getting myself to run for longer than 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Part of that is because I hate running, or at least I used to.  The other part is purely mental.

Well, I have broken through that by warming up with a run.  I raise the incline a bit, and push the speed up.  As I am running I remember that I am not afraid to breath heavy.  My heart will not stop (hopefully). And the pain in my legs is subjective. I recite, ” My mind will quite before my body”.  It helps.  I also find anything I can to take my atention away form running.

Before you know it my warm up is done, and I am on to the real workout.  What’s great about that is that now my muscles are really going to get worked.  I start with lunges or squats, or both.  Then I start to incorporate my upper body. I pretty much work legs every day to build stamina. I just don’t focus on them every day.

So the point to all of this is simply this. Do the thing you hate the most, first. Push yourself hard in the beginning to break through that plateau, that glass ceiling. By doing this, you might find out your weakness becomes your strength.

Now, I would love to hear what other people do to break through their glass ceiling.  Are you sicking to your plan this year?  Are you letting life keep you from being successful?  Time is shrinking every day, get to work!

Yoga! HOT YOGA!!!

SO if you’ve been following me for awhile, you would know I love yoga. I have a hard time getting there consistently, but I love it.
I have never walked out of a yoga class unhappy or feeling worse than I did when I went in. I am not sure if it is the stretching, or the balance, or the competitiveness with myself to get into poses I have no business being in.
It just feels great!

So yesterday, I went to HOT yoga with my wife. It was awesome in a whole new way. Hot yoga is yoga in a heated room with temperatures between 85-110 degrees.

The heat helps you get deeper into the poses. It also makes you sweat out mass toxins. (I suddenly hated my twenties) I had lot’s of sweat pouring out of me. It was just great.
When I was in one pose, I looked up for a minute and had a few realizations:
1) No one is ever watching anyone else, they are totally absorbed in themselves.
2) No one, except the instructor, can do all of the poses perfectly. Everyone struggles in different ways. That’ s why they say yoga is a journey.
3) It doesn’t mater how you’re built. Lean or fat, tall or short, athletic or not until you try it you’ll never know what poses you are good at and which ones you need to work through.Don’t feel like you have to be petite and athletic, or ripped to do yoga. I am certainly not, and I can do many poses others can’t. Trust me , I have plenty to work too. Sometimes, my size gets in the way, and I physically can’t do certain poses.
Have you ever tried yoga? Thought about it?
Tell my why you go or don’t go. What does yoga do for you?

I would love to get more people to go, but getting them past their own fears about it is hard. I believe deep down, that yoga can easily improve the quality of life for so many, in just a few minutes a day.

What do you think?


Last night I could not get to sleep for the life of me. For whatever reason, I tossed and turned, my back was uncomfortable, etc.. UGH!

So, needless to say, 5am came awful fast. The alarm went off, and all I wanted to do was roll over and pull the covers over my head.

Not today! There is not enough time for that. With a 35 minutes drive ahead of me, and traffic building by the minute, I have to leave the house by 5:55am. 5 minutes at that time could mean the difference between being on time and being 15 minutes late.

So I crawled out of bed, threw on my clothes, resenting my sweet, sleeping wife. All warm and comfortable, lying there in dream heaven. Luckily she sleeps through me getting ready in the morning, if she were to wake up, she might catch me hating on her.

Don’t get me wrong I love my wife more than anyone, but I want to be able to sleep too!

So, like I said yesterday, everything is ready to go. Throw my meals in a cooler, some ice blocks, and put it by the door. Make a few egg whites, and slam my Jak3d. Out!

I got to the gym and walked for 20 minutes, a before running for the 10 minutes. Nice to start out by burning 300 calories before the actual workout.

Craig continued to help me with my lung capacity, and stamina by having me do exercises like sprints, lunges, and carryoki (spelling?) Then when I am out of breath I have to do rows, bar curls and reverse presses. BRUTAL!

What is nice is that after awhile I am so tired nothing hurts. The game becomes, how do I keep my composure while gassed? Trying to keep balance, and focus while you are out of breath is hard.

Anyway after class, I finished with 30 minutes of high incline walking. I felt great and ready to get on with my day.

About 3pm I was so tired I needed a 30 minute power nap. I suppose I could have had a quad venti mocha (for those of you who speak Starbucks), but I can’t afford the calories, and liked the idea of a mid-afternoon siesta.

What is your minimum sleep requirement? How does cutting calories, and increasing workouts affect you? How do you compensate?