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Here I am ….

Here is a video of me, and some Atlanta friends working out together at the first ever Atlanta Fitness tweetup.

This was a great experience! WE all had so much fun, and a great workout.

Lots happening here, I need your help!

SO I am assuming you’ve noticed that I have not been blogging every day this week, like I normally do.

Well, first let me apologize for that. I hope I haven’t let you down, I have been working hard, in and out of the gym.

In the gym, I have been trying to add more running, and more yoga. I did go to Fast Twitch this week, and it did kick my butt. I am also pushing my chest back into action slowly. (for those of you who don’t know, I had some nerve damage in my right pectoral, and rear deltoids that caused me to lose function in those muscles. So obviously pushing exercises, and over the head movements were very difficult.
They are doing much better thanks to Chiropractic, yoga, and resistance band therapy.

More importantly, I have been working on rebuilding the Atalanta Fatboy blog. I have started Atlanta Fatboy tv on Youtube. I am adding interviews with my trainers.
I am planning the first ever Atlanta Fitness Tweetup. For those of you not on Twitter, a Tweetup is an event where people who talk online actually get together and meet face to face for social networking.

The #fitatl fitness tweetup will be on Saturday Feb, 6 at The Forum Athletic Club. And the purpose is to get people together and have fun doing something that involves fitness. We are going to do this on the first Saturday of every month.
I think it’s a great way to get people out from behind their computer and engaging others. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Every month we will do something different. Different classes or workout, learn from my nutrition coach, meet other people interested in fitness and more!

Beyond that, I am taking the blog in a new direction. I am going to add a page called the Resource Vault. This is where I am going to add links, and articles, and deals on supplements, etc..
I am going to add more video, and pictures. I need ideas on things that make sense for you.

What do you want to read about?
What can I do to entertain you more?
What can I do to inspire you to take your health seriously?
What can I do to make the blog exciting, and interesting for you?
How can I WOW! you in a way that makes you tell everyone about me and what I am trying to do?

Please send me your feedback, and if you don’t want me to post your comment let me know.

I am dong this for you (my followers) as much as I am for me.