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So I recently realized that even though I am moving forward, and I am losing weight, I am not even close to where I want to be.
I am noticing little things like one of my belts doesn’t fit anymore. Another belt only has two holes left. I accidentally grabbed a pair of pants the other day in a hurry, not realizing that I haven’t worn them in the last 4-5 years. They fit!
I can see different lines in parts of my arms and legs. I feel healthy, genuinely healthy. It’s great!
So the hard part now is to stay the course. Not stop doing the things that got me this far. Sometimes, i want to sleep in, or I am too tired to work out. That is when I have to remind myself to get off my ass and go work hard.
I realized last week, that pizza as most people know it is not on the Venice Nutrition plan. A lot of things aren’t. So I have two choices. Accept that I can never have them again, or that I can decide, consciously, to have them in moderation.
So I have given myself a cheat meal once a week. Even then I make a choice. Either a little extra portion of something healthy like Sushi, or a smaller portion of something bad like pepperoni pizza. AND I WORK OUT HARDER THE NEXT DAY!
So this has been really great for me. Especially since I get to share the cheat meals with my wife. We have date night and go out for sushi, or have lunch together and get pizza.
The point is in order to be truly successful in this journey, I have to learn to adopt real practices that work. And I have to stay the course.
Other wise one cheat meal leads to two, and one day of skipping a scheduled workout leads to two. A little extra discipline every day beats trying to start all over from scratch a year down the road.
So, set your goals, adopt practices that work for you, and stay the course!