So much is happening!

So, last weekend I hosted the first Atlanta Fitness Tweet-up.
What is a Tweet-up? It’s where a bunch of people who talk on Twitter, get together in person and socialize. Now, normally that happens at a bar or restaurant, or maybe at another social event.
So, I decided to get people out from behind the keyboard, and into the moment. Physically!
It was Awesome! We had a great time at The Forum Athletic Club. We had a nice warm up for about 10 minutes, and then had a twenty minute class with Seku (one of the trainers there). Then we folded into his 20 minute abs class, WHICH WAS BRUTAL!
However, we really had fun. Everyone worked hard, and we bonded. WE did some interviews with participants, and trainers.
Am Henry, my nutritionist from Venice Nutrition, was there to talk to people about what she does for me. Of course Craig showed everyone around and made them feel at home.
It was Awesome! Awesome to see people try something new. To get together with people they have never met, never seen them in their workout clothes, not looking perfect. Sweating their asses off, struggling.
They are inspired to do more, work harder at being healthy. Those who attended have already inspired others to come to the next one. This is the “rippling effect” in action! I love it!


Reading the labels…

This is a short video from Atlanta Fatboy and Amy Henry.
Amy Talks about the difference between peanut butters on the shelves in the grocery store, and why you should choose one ever the other.

Please look at it, and let me know your thoughts. Also, you can find the link to Amy’s page, on the bloggroll to the right.

Remember on Sunday…

On Sunday i blogged about staying in the game.
Not allowing life to take you off track. Missing one workout leads to two workouts, etc…

I failed! I missed Monday because I worked all weekend, and I was stressed out. Which is really when I need a solid workout so I can get out of my head and into my body.
But I didn’t go. Nope. Missed Tuesday too. I woke up at 4:30am for a 6am class, looked at my wife all snuggled up in bed. I looked outside and saw it was raining and cold. That was it I determined I needed more rest. So back to bed I went.
So I could’ve gone to a later class right? Yep! But I didn’t! I was lazy. No other excuse! I went home, made dinner, and went to sleep early.Yes it felt good to catch up on some much needed rest. My conscience hurt though.
So Wednesday I planned on going to the gym around 4pm and then going to an event with my wife around 6:30. Well……that didn’t workout either. We had to go home, so she could get ready for the event, and since we don’t live any where near the gym I couldn’t go without her.
Well today I went! Yep! i was up at 4:30, and there at 5:45. And at 6am started working my ass off! Literally.
I worked out until 7:30, and burned 1300 calories!
My point is this, today was brutal. Even though I had rest, it is because of the couple days off that today was so hard!
So, moral of the story is stay on schedule, and don’t take 3 days off if you can help it! Have a plan, and stick to it!
This was another painful lesson for me, but I got it!


So I recently realized that even though I am moving forward, and I am losing weight, I am not even close to where I want to be.
I am noticing little things like one of my belts doesn’t fit anymore. Another belt only has two holes left. I accidentally grabbed a pair of pants the other day in a hurry, not realizing that I haven’t worn them in the last 4-5 years. They fit!
I can see different lines in parts of my arms and legs. I feel healthy, genuinely healthy. It’s great!
So the hard part now is to stay the course. Not stop doing the things that got me this far. Sometimes, i want to sleep in, or I am too tired to work out. That is when I have to remind myself to get off my ass and go work hard.
I realized last week, that pizza as most people know it is not on the Venice Nutrition plan. A lot of things aren’t. So I have two choices. Accept that I can never have them again, or that I can decide, consciously, to have them in moderation.
So I have given myself a cheat meal once a week. Even then I make a choice. Either a little extra portion of something healthy like Sushi, or a smaller portion of something bad like pepperoni pizza. AND I WORK OUT HARDER THE NEXT DAY!
So this has been really great for me. Especially since I get to share the cheat meals with my wife. We have date night and go out for sushi, or have lunch together and get pizza.
The point is in order to be truly successful in this journey, I have to learn to adopt real practices that work. And I have to stay the course.
Other wise one cheat meal leads to two, and one day of skipping a scheduled workout leads to two. A little extra discipline every day beats trying to start all over from scratch a year down the road.
So, set your goals, adopt practices that work for you, and stay the course!

Why do you need a balanced meal?

Why do you need a balanced meal?

By Amy Henry of Venice Nutrition

Sponsor of Atlanta Fatboy

Focus on the three big macronutrients when putting together a balanced meal:  protein, carbohydrates and fat.  Yes, you need FAT!  Protein is all animal products such as beef, chicken, eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, fish, etc.  The only plant based product that acts like an animal product is soy.  You will see products such as peanut butter and breads that have “protein” in them, but they are considered an incomplete protein and will not act the same way as an animal protein.

Why does this matter?  Our goal is to reduce the impact of food on our blood sugar.  Carbohydrates effect your blood sugar and are responsible for spiking blood sugar, resulting in a rush of insulin in your system.  Not good!  Protein counteracts the effect of carbs on your blood sugar, slowing down the absorption of sugar in your blood.  Carbs include all wheat, oats, processed foods, grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables.  Fat slows down digestion and keeps you satiated. Fat includes nuts, nut butters, butter, oils, avacado, egg yoks. Our bodies work much more efficiently when we balance our meals and keep our blood sugar stable.  You will feel better, act better (mood wise) AND look better if you balance your meals!!

For more information visit:


Sometimes our minds get in the way of accomplishment.

So last night I went to a Fast twitch class at 6pm, and it was about 8:30 by the time I got home. Now, my wife is out of town, and so I have to take care of things at home myself.  Dogs, cats, groceries, pack my bag for the gym the next day, pre-package my meals, etc…

Well, when you get home at 8:30, and have to get up at 4:30 am for a class that starts at 6am.  You don’t have a lot of time to do all of that.  And some people would just say “forget it!”. Not me.  Just because it takes a little extra discipline, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

It is worth it. You see if I don’t go to Fast Twitch at 6am, then I may not get to work out tomorrow, then I I am off track for the week. Plus, I scheduled my meetings in line with me being in the area of my fitness club at 8:30am. So , not going means getting up a little later, hiting traffic to get to my first meeting, and then turning around and driving back out to my office for my next meeting. It doesn’t make sense.  If I just stick with the plan and gut it out everything will be be smooth.

Well…..I did. and It was sort of smooth.  I did not realize that Fast Twitch on Monday night and Tuesday morning were the same FREAKING exercises!!!  My legs were so mad at me.

Now here’s what I mean by letting your mind get in the way.  I could’ve said, uh no way I am doing the same routine 12 hours later.  And gone to the cardio area and still worked out. But I didn’t and I am glad.  As hard as it was, I did it. And I am fine.  My legs are mad at me, but they still choose to work. Which is a good thing.

I did it, and I am still on track for the week.

Mondays, Sweet Mondays…

Oh how I love Mondays, a fresh new week. An empty canvas of possibility. Will this week be great at work? Will I close more deals? Will I meet interesting people?
Will I lose 3 more pounds? What will this week have for me?
Well, let’s see. Today I did close some deals. I did notice I am down another belt loop. I did not make it to Yoga on time! Ugh!
So, I decided to do Fast Twitch instead. Ii happened to be a lower body focus tonight. Man, these classes will tell you for sure how fit you are not. Within the first 5 minutes my legs were numb, or maybe I wished they were.
I have really been running more, and trying to boost my cardio, and I thought I was doing really well. Until this class. I was dying in the first 5 minutes. But I don’t quit. So I pushed through it, and it was awesome. Afterward I made sure to walk for 15 minutes just to keep from getting super sore tomorrow. Plus I burned another 250 calories in 15 minutes. Then I stretched for 10.
Anyway, this Monday was a good Monday. I feel like the week is already carving itself out to be healthy, enlightening, and profitable.
Mondays, sometimes get a bad rep, don’t they?