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A New Goal..A New Plan

I have to remember that this is a journey I am on. There are times when I wonder if I will reach my goal. Sometimes I wonder what my goals really are. Sometimes I wonder if I am on the right path. Then something inspires me, or have and epiphany and it all makes sense again.

This time I realized that I am on a journey to true fitness. I am not just trying to lose weight, although I am enjoying that part of it, but but I am actually growing as a person through all of this.

I am learning new skills, creating new relationships, and learning about myself more and more every day. I learn more about what kind of person I am. What motivates me. What I care about most.

In fact what I care about changes often. For example, I am leaning more about nutrition and supplementation. I am not interested in having a beer with the boys, if you know what I mean. I can’t stand to sit in a smokey bar or restaurant anymore. It literally hurts me.

I am learning how to run. Actually how to run properly. How to pace myself. How to enjoy the time I am spending doing it. I am learning how to strike properly, etc…

This journey is about getting healthy again. That means cleaning up the things in my life that make me unhealthy. My environment, not just recycling, but my home, my car, my office. Looking at the products I use, changing the air filters, etc…

It also means understanding what I put into my body. The food I eat, trying to eat more whole and natural foods. Learning more about nutrition and changing my eating routine.

And of course there is the exercising. Besides running, like taking different classes,and trying different workouts. Kickboxing, MMA conditioning, Spin, Yoga, Cardio Max, etc… By trying different classes and workouts I learn more about me. I learn more about what I like, what tools I have that can help me achieve my goals.

All of this leads to the fact that through all of this exploration and experimentation I am changing my lifestyle forever. I am growing as a person, and will never be the same man I was when I started. So the journey never ends, and there will be many new goals along the way. That’s the point!


Staying motivated…

So, lately I have been struggling with making myself get to the gym. I am feeling better about myself and now is not the time to quit. However, it’s getting nice out and I would rather play golf than go for a run.
I want to hang out on the porch in a social setting rather than eat my prepackage meals.
I realized the other day it has been almost a year since I signed up for my first session with Craig. WOW! what a long strange trip it’s been! ( for all you Dead Heads out there):)
So what do you do to stay motivated? How do you keep yourself going when you’d rather be with all the other non-gym going slackers?

I am open to suggestions!

There are few things in life I hate more than jogging!

So Amy, my nutrition counselor, has instructed me to pick up the cardio side of my workouts.  I am supposed to get one hour of moderate (150-160 HR) exercise per day.  Well, for me the best way seems to be jogging.

When I jog, I get my heart rate up fast, and I can keep it up easily. However, my legs hate running! after about 15 minutes it is purely a mental game!  After about 25 minutes my legs are killing me! Now , part of me wants to push forward, and keep going in hopes that I will get better, and I will reap the benefits sooner.

The biggest problem is that I get bored fast. Even though  and listen to music, or watch TV, I still get bored.  Nothing keeps my attention long enough.  So I am starting on the treadmill for 35 minutes, and then moving to the Arc Trainer or an Elliptical to take some of the pressure off of my calves.

The pain I get from running isn’t in my thighs or my knees, it’s in my calves the stabilizers around the ankles. They start killing me about 20 minutes in and are unbearable about 35 minutes in.  By changing exercises, I can keep going, and not get bored.

What exercises do you know you should do, but don’t?  Why?  Is there a way you can change you perspective to get though it? Is there another way you can get the same results?

Sunday…Prep day yet again!

So as you well know by now, Sundays are my day to get ready for the week. Laundry, groceries, cooking and packaging, etc.. Well this week I am starting Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Classes and Muay Thia classes. So today I had to shop for some new equipment too.

I am going to have a new training schedule, a new nutrition plan, and new classes! Whew!  This is exciting and scary all at the same time. I can’t wait to try the new classes. I started BJJ last week, and given that I haven’t done it in about 10 years, I think I did well.  I have to say, the strength and conditioning classes with Craig are definitely paying off. I had no problem with keeping up, and staying strong!

I had even done Fast Twitch that morning.  So my day started at 4:30am, class at 6am, and then BJJ at 8pm. I can’t lie, Friday was painful!  I was sore, and stiff! I had all kids of bruises on areas I didn’t even know I hurt Thursday.

It was awesome though! I loved it. I know I am going to love it even more when I start learning the more of the counters and re-counters. I am also looking forward to my new Muay Thai class. This is going to be a great cardio class, as well as technical striking! Nice!

So, back to Sunday prep day.  Not only am I preparing meals, and clothes for the week, I am preparing mentally for a whole new experience! As I write this I wonder how this can be translated in to my work environment more. Can I get my work ready for Monday on Sunday? How? What about setting up my schedule more strategically?

Makes you wonder huh? What are you doing tonight to make sure your wek is as successful as possible?

Here I am ….

Here is a video of me, and some Atlanta friends working out together at the first ever Atlanta Fitness tweetup.

This was a great experience! WE all had so much fun, and a great workout.

So much is happening!

So, last weekend I hosted the first Atlanta Fitness Tweet-up.
What is a Tweet-up? It’s where a bunch of people who talk on Twitter, get together in person and socialize. Now, normally that happens at a bar or restaurant, or maybe at another social event.
So, I decided to get people out from behind the keyboard, and into the moment. Physically!
It was Awesome! We had a great time at The Forum Athletic Club. We had a nice warm up for about 10 minutes, and then had a twenty minute class with Seku (one of the trainers there). Then we folded into his 20 minute abs class, WHICH WAS BRUTAL!
However, we really had fun. Everyone worked hard, and we bonded. WE did some interviews with participants, and trainers.
Am Henry, my nutritionist from Venice Nutrition, was there to talk to people about what she does for me. Of course Craig showed everyone around and made them feel at home.
It was Awesome! Awesome to see people try something new. To get together with people they have never met, never seen them in their workout clothes, not looking perfect. Sweating their asses off, struggling.
They are inspired to do more, work harder at being healthy. Those who attended have already inspired others to come to the next one. This is the “rippling effect” in action! I love it!

Reading the labels…

This is a short video from Atlanta Fatboy and Amy Henry.
Amy Talks about the difference between peanut butters on the shelves in the grocery store, and why you should choose one ever the other.

Please look at it, and let me know your thoughts. Also, you can find the link to Amy’s page, on the bloggroll to the right.