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Water? Rest? Whatever!

So, this month is the last of goal #1. For those of you who don’t know, in October I set a goal to lose 40lbs. by December 31, 2009. Along the way, I have been reading, and researching fitness and nutrition. I have been using supplements and exercising like a champ!

Well, in December I decided to stop the Pre- and Post workout supplements, and stick to whole food nutrition. I did this for two reasons. first, because most pre-workout supplements tell you to take 30 days in between usage. So if you take Super Pump, by Gaspari, then you take the recommended dosage until the container is gone, and then tke 30 days off. this gives your body the ability to cleanse itself. It also, keeps you from getting used to the stuff. So by letting go of them for December, I can get back on them in January when I come back from vacation.

So, without the supplements, I have to push harder to get through workouts, and use food for recovery. I can tell you firsthand, the stuff I was using works! Without it, my recovery time is definitely longer. I don’t sleep as well, which can be a sign of over training. I’m not suggesting that I am over training, but I could workout harder, and recover fast when I was using the supplements.

I am also noticing that when I do not drink enough water, my body hurts longer, and my reflexes are slower.
I feel foggy, even after morning Starbucks. 🙂

Now, being the dumb male that I am, I push through it and keep on truckin’. However to stay in line with the purpose of the blog, I am noticing that this is NOT the way to go.

Thursday I took two classes in the same day. I made it through both classes, and I loved them both. I am taking longer to recover.

So what’s the moral of today’s story? Drink more water, get more sleep, and cycle your supplements1 Following these simple principles WILL increase your chances of success. (and reduce pain and agony)

According to Men’s Health Magazine:

Water: The Muscle Bath

How it builds muscle: Whether it’s in your shins or your shoulders, muscle is approximately 80 percent water. “Even a change of as little as 1 percent in body water can impair exercise performance and adversely affect recovery,” says Volek. For example, a 1997 German study found that protein synthesis occurs at a higher rate in muscle cells that are well hydrated, compared with dehydrated cells. English translation: The more parched you are, the slower your body uses protein to build muscle.

Not sure how dry you are? “Weigh yourself before and after each exercise session. Then drink 24 ounces of water for every pound lost,” says Larry Kenney, Ph.D., a physiology researcher at Pennsylvania State University.

How it keeps you healthy: Researchers at Loma Linda University found that men who drank five or more 8-ounce glasses of water a day were 54 percent less likely to suffer a fatal heart attack than those who drank two or fewer.

Get Sufficient Rest

Why it’s important: Insufficient sleep depresses the immune system, opening the door to colds, upper-respiratory infections, and other nagging ills. You don’t have to be wearing an orange jumpsuit and bedding down in Guantánamo, either: A study in Psychosomatic Medicine found that even minor sleep disturbances caused a significant drop in the number of cells whose job is to kill invaders.

The test: Take the self-test in our sleep feature in this issue to see if you’re getting enough shut-eye. Nodding off during the test is an automatic F.

The solution: Consider your caffeine intake. If it’s excessive, it might be not only screwing with your sleep patterns but also sabotaging your immune system. Studies show that caffeine suppresses the functions of key immune agents, such as lymphocytes and T cells. So what’s considered “excessive” caffeine? Researchers in Ireland recently concluded that consuming more than 4 cups of regular coffee a day is probably enough to give your immune system an unwelcome jolt.

Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful for the wisdom to  make a decision to change! I am thankful for the strength to make the change! I am thankful for all of the people who have helped me so far along the way. Especially Craig Hragyil! Without whom I would not be doing the things I am doing, or have the ambition to challenge myself the way I do…Thank you Brother!
Most of all I am thankful for my AWESOME wife Taryn! She puts up with my waking up at 4:30 am to get to XTC on time. Dealing with my pissing and moaning over the pain and agony, and helping me with the ice pack or a massage from time to time.  She also deals with my crazy nutritional habits and supplement buying. Thanks Baby, for believing in me!

So, today I was good.   We had a light workout early in the morning. Then a light Thanksgiving lunch at Smith and Wollensky’s in South Beach. I made sure to eat more protein than carbohydrates, and easy on the dessert.

It was great! and after it was done….no sitting around! We walked all afternoon, and most of the night. We walked all over Lincoln Rd. No drinking either.  I am not much of a drinker anyway, so for me that part is easy. The nice thing is that after eating well, I do not feel terrible.  My body is not tired, I am not sluggish.

I am having a problem drinking enough water.  So I am waking up at night and my muscles are a little tight.
Tomorrow, I am going to buy a few bottles of water and carry them with me.
We’ll see how that works.

What did you do today to manage your calories? How are you going to handle falling of “the Wagon”?