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If at first you don’t succeed….

So I have talked many times about the importance of and trouble with exercising when traveling.

I travel a fair amount usually once or twice a month. When you have a tight program like mine, where I have workouts and meals scheduled every day it can be very disruptive to up  and leave your routine. For example, I have cardio Monday morning, and Muay Thai Monday night.  Well, if I am traveling, I obviously can’t make class that night, so it becomes more important not to miss morning cardio too.

The cost of missing both workouts is devastating to my nutritional plan and metabolic rate. Also, my muscles get too relaxed and they forget that I have goals in mind for them.  When I do finally return to my routine they need time to catch up.  This is the equivalent of taking two steps forward and one step back.

Now some may argue that your body can often use a break to recover.  The assumption there is that we all over train, and do not give our body’s enough calculated recovery during our normal routines.  My rebuttal would be that after 6 months of beating the shit out of myself, and working with a number of professionals including doctors and chiropractor, I now have a sense of what is “enough” for me.

So what I am really getting at today is that over the last six months, I have really struggled with traveling, and keeping to my routine, and not paying a price when I get back.  I am the first to admit how hard it is to not eat things that are easy or convenient simply because you are out of your element.  You can’t go home and cook, or prepare you meals ahead of time.

With the help of Amy Henry of Venice Nutrition, I have learned to keys to my success. One is to eat something every 3-4 hours.  This will help keep my blood sugar stable. ( you can learn more about why that is important on Atlantafatboytv on YOU-Tube, or at The second is how to read a food label and make better choices.  Believe it or not, with the right knowledge you can eat food that is made for you AND convenient.

Also, I have realized the importance of making certain declarations. Such as, ” I am going to workout every day I am traveling”.  And then realigning and planning around that declaration.

This is the first time in six months, that I have stuck to my plan.  But, it is SOOOOOOO worth it! I feel like I have made a huge breakthrough for myself. I am moving toward a truly healthy lifestyle, not just a diet or program.  The distinction by the way is that the former is never-ending and the latter has an established time line associated with it.

This week, I have not missed a workout, and I have stuck to my”plan”, meaning I have found ways to be me wherever I am. Live my lifestyle where ever I go.

Can you do the same?

A taste of my new plan….

This is a small taste of what my nutrition plan looks like.please don’t get the wrong idea, there are thousands of things I can eat.  Venice is great at figuring out what you already liek and buy, and giving you suggestions on recipes and substitutes.

When I met Amy Henry, and you will too if you are a regular reader, she told me her success story and that she’s been using Venice for years. She uses the recipes and principles for the whole family.  It’s great!

I know when she starts blogging here, you’ll find out how cool this really is.

Well, check out the plan below and let me know what you think

5:30 Meal – 1.25 scoops of EAS Protein, 1  banana and 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter.

8:30 Meal – 1.5 cups of 2% Greek yogurt, 1 cup blueberries and 10 almonds

Meals at 11:30 and 2:30 should be:

Salmon (protein and fat) 5 oz and 1/2 cup of brown rice

Chicken breast – 5 oz, 2 cups broccoli w/ 1/2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and 1 cup skim milk

4:30 meal

1 can tuna, 5 almonds, a 4 oz apple

8:30 meal – go for high quality – see if you can do a full meal – egg whites and eggs with berries or add spinach and onions and tomatoes to make an omelet.

29 days to go…..Will I make it?

I have 29 days left in this year.  I have 24 lbs to lose. I am leaving for the holidays on Dec. 18th. WOW!

Looking forward the only way to succeed is to have a strict plan, and be rigorous.  It can be done, and I can do it.

My plan, is to stay at 1800 calories per day. 6 meals. 35% protein, 35% carbohydrates and 30% fat.  AND WORK MY ASS OFF IN THE GYM!!!!!

Lucky for me Craig is going to help me with that.  Today I thought I was going to pass out.  This was, seriously, the hardest workout we’ve had in awhile.  I had a couple of personal bests during it though.  First, I was able to run for 30 seconds at 6.0 mph/ 15 incline.  That is a lot for me. I did it for 3 full sets too!

Second, I was able to do keg sit ups and press, alternated with dumbbell fly’s and presses.  For those of you who have not been following me, I have had an injury to my left pectoral muscle, and have been compensating with my shoulder, and lat. So to be able to do three super sets of these exercises is a great accomplishment for me.

I finished with the training, and then walked for 30 minutes on 15 incline.  I burned another 430 calories.  followed by 10 minutes of stretching.  I feel great, and am looking forward to yoga tonight.  As I have mentioned in the past, yoga is great for burning calories, muscle recovery, and injury prevention.  I personally love it!

For those of you who are reading the blog and are also on Facebook, I have created a fan page.  Please become a fan.  Craig is on there, putting in workouts, and giving advice, putting in videos, and pictures. I know you’ll like it!

So, how many of you are planning for success in 2010?  What will your New Years Resolution be?  how will you achieve your goals this year?

Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful for the wisdom to  make a decision to change! I am thankful for the strength to make the change! I am thankful for all of the people who have helped me so far along the way. Especially Craig Hragyil! Without whom I would not be doing the things I am doing, or have the ambition to challenge myself the way I do…Thank you Brother!
Most of all I am thankful for my AWESOME wife Taryn! She puts up with my waking up at 4:30 am to get to XTC on time. Dealing with my pissing and moaning over the pain and agony, and helping me with the ice pack or a massage from time to time.  She also deals with my crazy nutritional habits and supplement buying. Thanks Baby, for believing in me!

So, today I was good.   We had a light workout early in the morning. Then a light Thanksgiving lunch at Smith and Wollensky’s in South Beach. I made sure to eat more protein than carbohydrates, and easy on the dessert.

It was great! and after it was done….no sitting around! We walked all afternoon, and most of the night. We walked all over Lincoln Rd. No drinking either.  I am not much of a drinker anyway, so for me that part is easy. The nice thing is that after eating well, I do not feel terrible.  My body is not tired, I am not sluggish.

I am having a problem drinking enough water.  So I am waking up at night and my muscles are a little tight.
Tomorrow, I am going to buy a few bottles of water and carry them with me.
We’ll see how that works.

What did you do today to manage your calories? How are you going to handle falling of “the Wagon”?

Best and worst holiday foods.

According to Men’s Health Magazine, “The average person consumes an extra 600 calories a day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, which translates to an extra six pounds of belly fat heading into 2010.”

Not me!!!!! I’m telling you after reading this article, there’s no way I’m going to sabatage myself.

Check out the link on the right.

What will you do to avoid holiday food traps?

It’s so easy to gain and so hard to lose!

Another Tuesday is over.  I have completed another day of  two workouts.  Another Focus and Fight class.  Another day of managing my meals and eating on time.

On the way home tonight from class, I was thinking to myself that I really didn’t want to go to Focus and Fight.  It is a 35 minute drive during traffic hour and Taryn’s already home waiting for me… But at the same time, I have made a commitment and time is running out and I need this. So, without thinking about it, I jumped in the car and went and I am so glad that I did.

And thank God for the Super Pump supplement from Gaspari Nutrition!! It gave me just the extra oomph to get me through the workout.

On the way home I reflected that it’s so hard to lose weight and so easy to gain it.

I didn’t want to go to class, I could have easily turned home, came home, had dinner and that would not have gotten me any closer to my goal. Instead, I pushed myself and I went and when I was done, I felt great. Class itself was hard as heck and I couldn’t complete every exercise. Yes, I had moments where I “failed” but it just didn’t matter. What mattered was that I was there.

Every time I complete a class or a workout, I know i’m that much closer to my goal but it’s hard. It’s so easy to just eat something because it’s fast, convenient or what I really want in that moment. It takes a TON of planning to make sure that I have the right meals, right proporations.. I even set the alarm on my phone to remind me when I’m supposed to eat. I have to take time out of my day to log into the daily plan to manage my protein, carbs and fat proporotions and document my intake.

It IS hard to stay disciplined. And even though I’m not losing weight as fast as I would hope, there is no doubt that I am making gains and that I’m getting closer.

I also can’t say enough about the people at The Forum Athletic Club at the Lenox Square, Being aroudn people lile carig, reggie, and even the others in the classes, everyone is there for the same purpose and it’s hard for EVERYBODY. People really motivate each other. They push each other. Without that, I can’t imagine how much harder this journey would be. Having trainers who are inspiring and make you push yourself even when you think you can’t push yourself anymore is invaluable.

What things help you stay on track when struggling with similar issues?

Every week I try harder…

First off today was weigh in day, and…….SUCCESS! I lost another 2lbs. I know it doesn’t sound like much but after two weeks of nothing, it feels great!

So last week, I really tried hard to start working out twice every day. I added a new four day routine that I read out of Men’s Health (link is on the right).

I also tried to add a couple of classes. However, after Focus and Fight last Tuesday night, I was a whipped puppy!

Wednesday, Craig called in at 5am, and that was OKAY with me! I slept an extra 3 hours and went to the gym closer to home. I did the new anaerobic workout, and walked for a half hour.

Wednesday night I missed Yoga with Ernest. That sucked, I was really disappointed. Then Thursday I ended up taking off, and Friday was Craig in the morning, and nothing in the evening.

My point is, I started off great and slowly died out. This week will be different! Sort of. I missed my workout this morning, but I did go in and I did the same workout on my own.

I had all of my meals laid out for the day, and I stuck to my feeding schedule.

I also forced myself into the gym tonight, after a long day at work. I completed day 2 of the MH workout.

I even went much heavier on squats, dead lifts, and lunges. WOW! My legs hurt! And tomorrow is MH workout in the morning, and Focus and Fight in the evening!

I wonder how may people workout twice a day, and how many days they do it per week?
Does this make you a gym rat? I don’t feel like one considering I do so many other things throughout the day.

Also, for anyone trying count calories and watch food intake, I HIGHLY recommend The Daily Plate (link on the right). It’s FREE and it rocks!
If I had this in the beginning, I would’ve been much more successful!

How do you keep track of your calories, and goals for each day?