Running again!

So we all know by now how I feel abut running.  Yep. I hate it!  However, I am getting better at it I think.  I ran yesterday for 45 minutes, and I completed 4 miles.  Now, there is some detail I should include.

First, I did walk for the first 5 minutes to loosen up, and I can only jog for about 15 minutes before I want to jump off (a cliff).   So I have to trick myself into going farther.  I start with intervals for 10 minutes. I jack the speed up to 7.0 for  a minute and then down to 3.0 for a minute and back up. Then when I can’t breath any more, I drop the speed to 5.5 and increase the incline to about 4.0.  Then when my legs want to leave the rest of my body I drop the incline and pick up the speed a bit.

By the time I figure out what is going on, I am down to the last five minutes or so, then I go back to intervals.  The Most important part for me is the cool down and the stretching.  I notice a lot of other people who come in and run do not use the cool down period, and they rarely stretch afterward.  This is BAD!

Lactic acid builds up in the muscles and causes cramping, pain, and can even breakdown muscle.  Stretching is not or at least should not be considered optional!  I personally like the way a good stretch feels. I get great euphoria from  the stretching!

So the moral of the story is two-fold: Even though you may not like an exercise or be good at it, or both, doesn’t mean you should give up.  Chances are that the reason you are not good at it is because it is he area where you need the most work.  Sticking with it may just give you much-needed improvement. The second pat of this is the value of stretching, keeping your muscles loose and limber prevents injury, and reduces fatigue.

Can you commit to one exercise you know you should do, but hate, and do it 3 times a week for a month? Try.

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  1. I like your suggestions to create the variety if you have to run on a treadmill. I personally stay interested by running outside as my first choice. There are several parks with trails, two favorites being at the Chattahoochee off Power’s Ferry or Chastain Park, and a park usually has a map and markers along the way to track your mileage. Running where I can watch both scenery and people is always entertaining for me and makes the time go faster. Next time I’m stuck inside for a run, I will definitely try your interval idea to trick myself into forgetting that I’m on a treadmill!


    • Posted by pisaneschira on March 24, 2010 at 4:14 pm


      Glad you like the tips. I am trying to get into running outdoors now that the weather is better. Would you like to guest blog on getting started running outside? Maybe some ideas on setting expectations of yourself, and equipment/clothes and shoes, or etiquette?

      Let me know.



  2. I would be honored to post with you!


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