There are few things in life I hate more than jogging!

So Amy, my nutrition counselor, has instructed me to pick up the cardio side of my workouts.  I am supposed to get one hour of moderate (150-160 HR) exercise per day.  Well, for me the best way seems to be jogging.

When I jog, I get my heart rate up fast, and I can keep it up easily. However, my legs hate running! after about 15 minutes it is purely a mental game!  After about 25 minutes my legs are killing me! Now , part of me wants to push forward, and keep going in hopes that I will get better, and I will reap the benefits sooner.

The biggest problem is that I get bored fast. Even though  and listen to music, or watch TV, I still get bored.  Nothing keeps my attention long enough.  So I am starting on the treadmill for 35 minutes, and then moving to the Arc Trainer or an Elliptical to take some of the pressure off of my calves.

The pain I get from running isn’t in my thighs or my knees, it’s in my calves the stabilizers around the ankles. They start killing me about 20 minutes in and are unbearable about 35 minutes in.  By changing exercises, I can keep going, and not get bored.

What exercises do you know you should do, but don’t?  Why?  Is there a way you can change you perspective to get though it? Is there another way you can get the same results?

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