Remember on Sunday…

On Sunday i blogged about staying in the game.
Not allowing life to take you off track. Missing one workout leads to two workouts, etc…

I failed! I missed Monday because I worked all weekend, and I was stressed out. Which is really when I need a solid workout so I can get out of my head and into my body.
But I didn’t go. Nope. Missed Tuesday too. I woke up at 4:30am for a 6am class, looked at my wife all snuggled up in bed. I looked outside and saw it was raining and cold. That was it I determined I needed more rest. So back to bed I went.
So I could’ve gone to a later class right? Yep! But I didn’t! I was lazy. No other excuse! I went home, made dinner, and went to sleep early.Yes it felt good to catch up on some much needed rest. My conscience hurt though.
So Wednesday I planned on going to the gym around 4pm and then going to an event with my wife around 6:30. Well……that didn’t workout either. We had to go home, so she could get ready for the event, and since we don’t live any where near the gym I couldn’t go without her.
Well today I went! Yep! i was up at 4:30, and there at 5:45. And at 6am started working my ass off! Literally.
I worked out until 7:30, and burned 1300 calories!
My point is this, today was brutal. Even though I had rest, it is because of the couple days off that today was so hard!
So, moral of the story is stay on schedule, and don’t take 3 days off if you can help it! Have a plan, and stick to it!
This was another painful lesson for me, but I got it!

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